Bressay oil field north sea

Another challenge will be placing the wells. Even in some of the most favourable reservoirs, it is necessary to consume an amount of energy equivalent to burning roughly 25 to 35 percent of the heavy oil produced in order to generate the required amount of steam.

In another variation of in situ combustion called reverse combustion, a short-term forward burn is initiated by air injection into a well that will eventually produce oil, after which the air injection is switched to adjacent wells. The Norwegian company became the operator of the Bressay field in and it holds Otherwise, the well design will largely be traditional, Thom says.

Statoil and partner Shell have therefore decided to halt the current concept selection process. A full list of offshore field approvals since is also available together with charts showing the number of new field development plan approvals and field development plan addenda approvals by year and the capex spend committed for these approvals by year.

The key challenges on Mariner are the viscosity of the oil, which requires intensive drilling and therefore complex well placing, as well as artificial lift technologies, and shallow reservoirs, which make the intensive drilling all the more challenging.

Advances in seismic imaging mean firms can get a much clearer picture of what lies beneath the ground than were imaginable when exploration work started off Shetland in the s. In general, shallower reservoirs are candidates for steam soaks and steam floods, deeper reservoirs for in situ combustion.

It will sit in the 23m-high so-called cathedral deck, between the BOPs and the Xmas trees. However, despite stringent budget cuts, operators are continuing to progress development projects to which they are already committed, and to look at ways of bringing down the costs per barrel on both these and future projects.

Usually, a wireline, snubbing or coiled tubing unit would be brought in to help perform intervention work, but not from day one, Thom says. The company said that, through the work on the subsea solution, the level of costs had been significantly reduced.

Statoil is continuing to progress Mariner on the UKCS, but has decided to pause the concept selection process for the Bressay field, due to the challenging market conditions.

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But with independents like Faroe Petroleum exploring alongside the majors off Shetland, there seems to be little chance of the area become a backwater again any time soon. The air-water combination minimizes the amount of air injected and the amount of in-place oil burned to between 5 and 10 percent.

One of them, P, was due to expire in July and is now extended to December In five years' time, Shetland will be the biggest producer of the three groups, so it's really important to us, definitely.

Norwegian operator Statoil and Shell have decided to put the concept selection process for the Bressay field on the UK Continental Shelf. Clair Ridge will employ a low salt content water to help drive oil from the rocks that was developed in Alaska.

It also envisioned a floating storage and offloading unit and pipelines. Geological Survey has estimated that the recoverable heavy oil in this reserve, concentrated in a strip some km miles long by 60 km 37 miles wide along the Orinoco Riveris around billion barrels, though such recovery may not be economically viable.

After several media reports saying that Statoil is postponing the development of Bressay field, Offshore Energy Today reached out to the Norwegian company seeking confirmation of these reports.

The refining of heavy oil results in low yields of distillate products e. We're on the third well of a six-well programme and that's going fine," said Mr Lynch. The recovery efficiency of surface mining tar sands is estimated at roughly 90 percent. Horizontal drilling, which involves boring deep down into the earth and then sideways, allow firms to penetrate multiple pockets of oil and gas with one well.

Production results will assist in the evaluation of additional wells included in the initial development phase. Statoil also selected Schlumberger as the integrated drilling services contract provider on Mariner. Tullow Oil has commissioned Jee to investigate the most appropriate options for decommissioning its UK southern basin Thames area assets.

Point forward, we've got three areas we worry about: In many cases there is a significant increase in output.

Because of the relatively high cost of steam, water is sometimes injected at an optimum time to push the steam toward the production wells.

Statoil Cuts Bressay Platform Option At Daewoo

We have made significant progress through innovative solutions, and achieved substantial improvements in the business case, compared to earlier development concepts. Some five seismic surveys have been shot over the license since it was first awarded inand 18 wells have been drilled by four different operators OE: Statoil sets timeline for Bressay in North Sea.

Statoil, Shell put concept for Bressay field on hold

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Statoil rethinks North Sea Bressay plan. Statoil has indicated it is to “re-evaluate” the development concept for its Bressay heavy oil field in the UK North Sea and it has also decided to delay a field development decision. BRESSAY MARINER Mariner Field: a challenging UK heavy oil development: Statoil - SPE Meeting 25 Sep −Offshore North Sea environment Mariner Field: a challenging UK heavy oil development: Statoil - SPE Meeting 25 Sep Mariner Field: a challenging UK heavy oil development: Statoil - SPE Meeting 25 Sep.

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Bressay oil field north sea
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Xcite Bentley to inspire Statoil Bressay in UK North Sea