Immelt reinventing general electric

Yet the leftovers of GE Capital are still hogging vast amounts of money -- cash that the parent company could be using to invest in the future. He introduced Six Sigma to improve quality and reliability and also started the initiative to adopt the internet technologies in their working environment.

But GE isn't getting rid of its two biggest problem children. How well is the strategy performing. Sustain Momentum Keep Building Remember that aligning your people, plans, and practices around a shared purpose is not a one-time event, but, instead, something that will require constant, ongoing management and improvement to sustain momentum and deliver results.

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His management style was direct and personal where the managers were assigned high targets and his team was always under huge pressure to achieve those targets. Holding onto renewable energy gives GE a foothold in the growth part of the industry as Americans push for cleaner fuels.

GE should therefore try to focus on its two core businesses and get rid of what is not related either to the industrial or to the financial businesses. The Foundation established the Jeff Immelt Award for leadership in football.

Jeff Immelt

This could provide required capital to invest in high growth businesses. A shell of GE's former self.

The Three Box Solution

After 21 years as a GE shareholder, the investment firm dumped its shares last fall. Jack Welch used three circle concepts where he has divided the services, technology and core competencies of GE which helped to devise the strategies clearly and realistically.

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Flannery vowed to clean up GE's debt-ridden balance sheetmake the company less risky and simplify a structure that grew far too complex for everyday investors to decipher.

The New Leader’s Playbook

The experiment seemed to confirm that the traditional format, which was shorter, was preferable and it continues to be used at GE today. The market condition has become very dynamic these days and the continuous development of a company depends on the dynamics of markets as well as on the socio-economic condition of a country.

General Electric’s latest technology for boosting manufacturing productivity is a gadget that feels like it would be more at home in an amusement arcade or theme park than in an industrial. Noel M. Tichy is the author of Control Your Destiny or Someone Else Will, The Leadership Engine, The Cycle of Leadership, and many other business is a professor at the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan and advises CEOs around the world.

Warren G. Bennis is the author of On Becoming a Leader, Reinventing Leadership, and many other business bestsellers.

Position for Success. At its core, leadership is an exercise in culture change. It’s about creating and bridging gaps: gaps between you and your new team, gaps between reality and aspiration.

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The era of the CMO has arrived. Chief marketing officers are more important to the success of global businesses — and more powerful — than ever before.


Marketers are not only executing on. Jun 12,  · Jeffrey R. Immelt, right, in Paris in with John Flannery, the man who will replace him as General Electric’s chairman and chief executive.

Immelt reinventing general electric
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The Three Box Solution